What is the average cost of a personal history?

Memoirs Unlimited works on an hourly basis, so the cost of a personal history depends upon the length and detail of the project. In general, prices begin at $2500 for a complete personal history.


I would love to record my personal history but it’s not in my budget.  Are there any alternatives besides a book?

Definitely. There are several ways we can record and preserve your memoirs that cost less than a book.


How long does it take to complete a personal history?

We like to say, “As long as it takes!” Clients are never rushed and are encouraged to make their personal history as complete as possible. Unless a client needs to complete a history within a certain time frame, projects can last from six months to over one year.


Is there an opportunity to check the progress of my story?

You will receive a draft of your personal history as we progress with the story. This is your opportunity to review the content for anything you would like to have added, changed, or deleted. We will also provide a final draft for your review.


What if I don’t want my history made into a book?

Like you, our main interest at Memoirs Unlimited is to preserve your history before it is lost. For those who would rather skip the binding processes or feel that they would like to add more to their story at a later date, we are happy to provide the taped interviews. We will also transcribe the interview tapes at your request.


What if I don’t live in Northeast Ohio?

Though it is preferable to conduct interviews face-to-face, we can still create your history without a personal visit. This is accomplished through phone interviews and email correspondence.
Phone: 440-708-4045

Email: Memoirs.Unlimited1@gmail.com