Info. in the Attic

Recording your memoirs is something like cleaning out your attic.  It’s waiting to be done, but is not pressing enough to be a priority.  Funny thing though, the activity that appears so difficult to accomplish – so humdrum – can actually be very entertaining.  Little treasures tucked away in forgotten corners are rediscovered, examined, and become items of unrealized worth.

You grab an old tennis racket or child’s toy and flashes of memory make you pause and smile. Another object is selected, maybe it belonged to your mother; maybe your son.  And, as if by osmosis, you remember the long ago activity attached to it – the essence of its owner.

The experiences of your life are very much like the objects in your attic.  Pick up a vague memory, turn it around in your mind and record your impressions.  The more you write, the more you’ll remember.  And there, you  have the beginnings of your memoir.